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About us

A multi-disciplinary real estate investment and development firm dedicated to creating value, fostering growth, and positively impacting the communities we serve through our investments.

Our approach

Our creative approach to real estate, supported by our diverse team of best-in-class professionals with specialized expertise, has allowed us to successfully invest across several asset classes, including mixed-use, affordable housing, market-rate rentals, residential condos, offices, marinas, hotels, and retail.

We pride ourselves in working collaboratively across each of our business verticals in pursuit of our core pillars: adding value to our partners, perfecting our execution, and innovatively solving complex real estate challenges while positively impacting the communities we serve.

Our culture of transparency, creativity, and collaboration, coupled with our investment philosophy and proven track record, has provided us with the opportunity to serve as the trusted real estate investment partner for some of the most reputable institutional investors, individual investors, and family offices.

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The Integra Principals have more than 75 years of combined experience in real estate investment and development, having worked together for the last 10 years. Collectively, the team has managed over $8 billion in real estate value, 15 million square feet in development, and has been the driving force behind some of the most transformative projects in South Florida.
Paulo Tavares de Melo
Nelson Stabile
Victor Ballestas
Cory Yeffet
Luis Fernando Boccato
Chief Financial Officer
Craig Thompson
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Michelle Bowen
Head of Human Resources & Corporate Controller
Jorge Serna
Executive Vice President of Integra Build
Jake Morrow
Executive Vice President of Interurban
Jaime Valdivia
Head of Design & Senior Project Manager
Rosani Kowalik
Senior Project Manager
Manuel (Manny) Martinez
Vice President of Development
Michael Belkin
Vice President of Development
James Raffety
Director of Asset Management
Ingrid Melendez
Project Manager, Integra Build
Natalie Nieto
Vice President of Interurban
Matt Scarola
Head of Investments, Integra Multifamily
Connor Potts
Head of Investments, Integra Marinas
Jim Kenney
Chief of Operations, Integra Marinas
Sabrina Valdivia
Project Accountant, Integra Marinas

Our History

Since its inception, Integra Investments has organically grown to over 40 team members, and completed various impactful projects throughout the communities it invests in.

Integra’s history and investment strategy began in 2001, when Paulo Tavares de Melo began investing in real estate opportunities on behalf of the Tavares de Melo family, one of Brazil’s most well-respected entrepreneurial families. From 2001 to 2008, Paulo spearheaded the group’s initiatives and completed multiple successful investments primarily through land acquisitions and dispositions. Integra was initially founded in 2006; however, it was not until 2009, as the Florida real estate market became abundant with opportunities, that Nelson Stabile joined Paulo Melo to enhance the team’s execution capabilities and pursue a more comprehensive investment and development strategy through the firm Integra Investments.

Nelson’s construction and development expertise proved a great fit for Integra’s strategy – to aggressively pursue projects with an opportunistic, highly value-added profile. In 2013, Victor Ballestas joined the company as a Principal, bringing vast knowledge of the local development market and giving way to a new set of opportunities for Integra, including condominium and mixed-use development.