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Our strategy is to pursue and invest in opportunistic real estate projects that offer value-added potential with limited downside risk. We seek to drive value through development with a detailed focus on management and cash flow optimization.


Asset Management

Our belief is that the enduring success of an asset is intrinsically tied to its efficient management. Our team conducts in-house asset management and supervises third-party property management companies through data compilation and performance analysis in order to guide strategy, financial reporting, and market intelligence for each particular asset.



Integra’s team has built valuable relationships with a roster of talented architects, designers, attorneys, general contractors and consultants – all of whom work conjunctively to take each project from conceptual design to completion.


Construction Management

Our multi-faceted approach to construction services ensures quality, timely delivery, and cost efficiency through active supervision, efficient communication, adequate reporting systems, and value engineering. Construction management services are offered from pre-construction through project completion.

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